Roger Capron’s underwater decors

Roger Capron
Sans titre(panneau c), 1968
Panneaux de céramique architecturale en terre cuite glaçurée (émail stannifère)
169 x 218 cm
Collection NMNM n°2019.22.3

In September 2019, the NMNM team has been entrusted with the protection and enhancement of Roger Capron’s work deposited as part of the restructuring work of the Larvotto promenade in September 2019.

Created in 1968, this architectural decoration is composed of fourteen panels of glazed terracotta tiles. So many stylized visions of the seabed where fish, seaweed and crustaceans are formed of various reliefs and iridescent gradations of pink and white.

The state of conservation of the work requires a conservation-restoration treatment. The mortar attached to the back of the tiles must be removed and many fragments of broken tiles must be glued back together. Chips and missing pieces on the surface will be filled in and retouched.

For their presentation, the tiles will be mounted on resistant and light supports. The work can thus find its coherence within an architectural project.

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