Construire une collection… d’entreprise A conversation between Nathalie Moureau and Laurent Fiévet

05.04.2017 • 18h30 / Talk - Villa Sauber

Hans-Peter Feldmann
Boîte collector, 2011
© Groupe Bel

Continuing the programme of meetings with public and private collectors, the conversation will focus on corporate collections. At a time when the private foundations of large groups are multiplying, we will discuss initiatives that are less often in the spotlight, such as the collections of family businesses.

Nathalie Moureau, co-author of Collectionneurs d’art contemporain – Des acteurs méconnus de la vie artistique (Collectors of Contemporary Art – Unknown Actors in Artistic Life) and professor at the Paul-Valéry University of Montpellier and member of the ART-Dev laboratory, will be in conversation with Laurent Fiévet, Director of Lab’Bel, the artistic laboratory of the Bel group, artist, collector and exhibition curator. He is one of the heirs of Léon Bel, an industrialist from the beginning of the 20th century and founder of the Bel cheese dairies, to whom we owe in particular La Vache Qui Rit.

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