MAÏDER FORTUNÉ, L’INCONNU DE COLEGNO, 2019 In collaboration with Institut audiovisuel de Monaco

13.03.2021 • 15h00 / Screening - Théâtre des Variétés

Maïder Fortuné
L’Inconnu de Collegno, 2019
still extrait du film
Courtesy de l’artiste

The NMNM and the Institut audiovisuel de Monaco have chosen to collaborate by programming creations of artists whose practice stands in between cinema and contemporary art : films that are singular by their from, their narrative system, but also their production and diffusion mode. For this season, the Institut audiovisuel de Monaco’s Tout l’art du cinéma programme presents Maïder Fortuné’s L’inconnu de Colegno, 2019.

L’Inconnu de Collegno
Maïder Fortuné

France – 2019 – Coulour – 50 min.
Direction and screenplay : Maïder Fortuné.
Image : Vincent Pinckaers and Artur Castro Freire.
Sound : Lazlo Umbreit.
Music : Kinda Hassan.
Sound creation : Simon Apostolou.
Editing: Stéphane Elmadjane.
Production : Spectre productions.
With: Sam Louwyck (l’Inconnu), Caroline Daish (Giulia Canella), Rodolphe Cogné (the interrogator), Philippe Grand-Henry (Felice Bruneri), Pierre Sartener (psychiatrist).

A man in an empty room, an interrogation. What is his past? Maïder Fortuné adapted a real event that fascinated Mussolini’s 1930s Italy. The mystery of identity and the conflict between science and belief revealed by examining a damaged memory.

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