Roberto Delvoi, “Conz. L’ultimo collezionista”, 2021 Open air screening

26.08.2021 • 21H00 / Screening - Villa Paloma

Conz. L’ultimo collezionista, 2021
A film by Roberto Delvoi
59′, Italian OV/French ST
In partnership with FILAF

A non-consensual portrait of Francesco Conz (1935-2010), a controversial and excessive figure, an Italian publisher and collector who dedicated his life to the support and promotion of avant-garde movements such as Fluxus, Viennese Actionism, Lettrism, Concrete and Sound Poetry… A unique testimony, the film shows how Conz applied the Fluxus precept of abolishing the frontier between art and life to his own daily life. To the point of madness. We follow the rise and fall of the patron of the arts, his boundless commitment through exceptional archive footage, in the bucolic setting of the Veneto where Conz worked in the 1970s, inviting artists from all over the world to his private residences. This film was awarded the FILAF d’or at the last edition of the International Art Book and Film Festival in Perpignan.

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