Miquel Barceló, océnaographe

07.06.2024 - 13.10.2024 / Villa Paloma

Francisca Artigues/Miquel Barceló
Mayurqa, 2014
Broderie à la main sur toile peinte
243 x 300 cm
© Miquel Barceló
Photo : Agustí Torres

Through a selection of around sixty pieces (paintings, ceramics, embroideries, works on paper), this exhibition offers a fresh look at the prolific output of Miquel Barceló, a Spanish artist who made the sea a central theme of his work.

Visitors are invited to embark on an epic voyage from the beginnings of life (fossil compositions, exoplanets, ocean floors or Earth’s crust textures blending into aerial views of the sea’s surface, exploration of abysses, shapes and creatures of ocean trenches), to the presence of humans espied behind his seascapes, bestiaries, and numerous bodegón-style still lives (diving, sailing, cooking, and so on), via powerful compositions of waves and ceramics inspired by Antiquity. A whole swathe of the oeuvre of one of the greatest contemporary painters, and an echo to the history of oceanography, a theme close to Monegasque hearts. 

Curated by Björn Dahlström with Guillaume de Sardes & Stéphane Vacquier

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