Alfredo Volpi. The Poetics of Colours


NMNM / Mousse Publishing
Trilingual French/English/Portuguese
256 pages
Hardcover, 17 x 23,5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-9560210-2-5

Foreword(s) : H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover
Text(s) : Marie-Claude Beaud, Lorenzo Mammì, Cristiano Raimondi, Jacopo Crivelli Visconti

35 €

Published in occasion of the first retrospective outside Brazil of the Italian-born artist, held at the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, the book is an opportunity to shed some light on Alfredo Volpi, a name that might not sound too familiar to the European public, but of great popularity in South America. The catalogue offers a thorough exploration in words and images of the painter’s peculiar life and career—from the bounds and relationships with the Brazilian art community, to his special link to the city of São Paulo and his adopted country, leading to the development of his unique artistic language.

Curator: Cristiano Raimondi
With the support of Instituto Alfredo Volpi de Arte Moderna, São Paulo

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