Borrowed Words A performance by Oriol Vilanova interpreted by Fabrizio Moretti

27.04.2019 • 18H00 / Performance - Villa Sauber

In Borrowed Words (2016), a collector declares his unconditional love for his collection. The collector openly confides that the collection gives him pleasure. These are sincere words that underscore the blind and sometimes even painful intensity that connects the collector and the collection. The lover talks about his artworks object by object, with plenty of humour and references to famous pop songs, as well as surrealist poetry.

Fabrizio Moretti is a gallerist and a collector. In 2019, his personal collection was on show in the exhibition “Step By Step, Visions of and art dealer’s collection” at Villa Sauber. 

Oriol Vilanova (Manresa, 1980) lives in Brussels. By rummaging through flea markets, his favourite places for research, he builds up a collection of postcards to create a “thinking machine” that provides the conceptual foundations for his plays, installations and performances.

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