Presentation of the artist book Library of absence Co-signed by Conrad Shawcross and Vladimir Kramnik

05.07.2023 • / Talk - Villa Paloma

Présentation-projection du livre d’artiste Library of Absence

The book Library of Absence, presented in Monaco on 5 July 2023 by éditions Take5, brings together Conrad Shawcross, a British artist and a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, and Vladimir Kramnik, world chess champion from 2000 until 2006), to explore the link between human beings and infinity. It interweaves the visual stimulation of the English sculptor’s work with the player’s philosophical reflections.

6.30pm: Presentation of the light installation created by artist Conrad Shawcross for the book Library of Absence.

6.45pm: Conversation between Conrad Shawcross and Vladimir Kramnik. The discussion will be moderated by Céline Fribourg, director of éditions Take5. 

If mathematics is an ideal tool for approaching the concept of infinity, the game of chess can be seen as one of its metaphors. The chessboard has only 64 squares, but it conceals an almost infinite number of playing combinations. In their own way, Conrad Shawcross’s sculptures question this same notion of infinity. 

For the book Library of Absence, Conrad Shawcross created a kind of magic lantern : a light source passes through perforated cardboard discs that rotate in opposite directions. Their counter-rotation allows light to pass through their cut-outs, producing an immersive and hypnotic effect. With 64 discs perforated with different geometric patterns, the artist invites us to experiment with almost limitless projected configurations.

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