Screening of “La Belle et la Bête”, 1946 by Jean Cocteau In collaboration with the Institut audiovisuel de Monaco

13.07.2022 • 9:30 pm / Screening - Villa Paloma

La Belle et la Bête, 1945 de Jean Cocteau
Jean Marais et Josette Day
© André Paulvé. Coll. IAM

Late opening at Villa Paloma

7 – 9 pm: Free access to the exhibition “Christian Bérard, Excentrique Bébé”

9 pm: Les météores, a performance by Guillaume Aubry

9:30 pm: Open-air screening of La Belle et la Bête, 1946 by Jean Cocteau
In collaboration with the Institut audiovisuel de Monaco

La Belle et la Bête
Film written and directed by Jean Cocteau
Illustrated by Christian Bérard
France, 1946, black and white, 100 min.
Cast : Josette Day (Belle), Jean Marais (Avenant, the Beast and the Prince), Marcel André (the father)

At the beginning of 1944, in an occupied Paris, Jean Cocteau immersed himself in the world of fairy tales by rereading Beauty and the Beast by Madame Leprince de Beaumont.

Having decided to adapt it to the cinema, “the only machine capable of giving substance to a dream”, he began shooting the film in August 1945 under difficult conditions and with extremely limited means.

Georges Auric composed the musical scores while Christian Bérard, in the role of artistic director, managed to infuse the film’s sets and costumes with an aesthetic that was both realistic and dreamlike, perfectly matching the “magical realism” sought by Jean Cocteau: “Miraculously, [Christian Bérard] managed to combine the style of Vermeer and that of Gustave Doré’s illustrations in the great red-and-gold-covered book of Perrault’s tales.”

All through the evening, “Le raisin de vivre”, a nomadic wine cellar, providing both an orginal and rigorous selection of local and foreign wines as well as cheese and charcuterie boards completed with regional products

Free access to the performance and the screening, subject to availability
Reservation is mandatory :

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