Latifa Echakhch, le jardin mécanique


Nouveau Musée National de Monaco / Mousse Publishing
bilingual French/English
383 pages
Softcover, 22 x 24 cm
ISBN : 978-29-5602-104-9

Foreword(s) : HRH The Princess of Hanover
Text(s) : Marie-Claude Beaud, Célia Bernasconi, Michel Racine

39 €

Conceived in close collaboration with the artist, and including texts by landscape architect Michel Racine and Célia Bernasconi, NMNM’s chief curator, the book explores the artist’s take on the museum’s collection of automatons and set models, as well as her interpretation of the historical representations of the Exotic Garden of Monaco, through the form of a flipbook, translating on the page the motion of the five new video works produced for the exhibition le jardin mécanique.

Curator : Célia Bernasconi

Available at the museum, for orders :

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